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Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2014

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Title: Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2014
Authors: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Series/Report no.: Outlook Report 2014
Abstract: The Great Barrier Reef is an icon under pressure. Everyone's actions, whether big or small, to reduce threats and help restore its condition will improve its outlook. In 2009 the Great Barrier Reef was considered to be at a crossroad. Since then, continuing investment in management of the Reef has had some positive results but the greatest risks have not changed.
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GBR Outlook Report 2014_Web280714.pdfGBR Outlook Report 201418.38 MBAdobe PDFThumbnail
GBR_Outlook_2014_Front_Sections.docxFront sections, GBR Outlook Report 2014113.22 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter1_About_this_Report.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 1 About this Report11.58 MBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter2_Biodiversity.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 2 Biodiversity6.72 MBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter3_Ecosystem_health.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 3 Ecosystem Health7.37 MBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter4_Heritage values.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 4 Heritage Values8.61 MBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter5_Commercial_and_non_commercial_use.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 5 Commercial and Non-Commercial Use10.37 MBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter6_Factors_influencing.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 6 Factors Influencing4.19 MBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter7_Existing_protection_and_management.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 7 Existing Protection and Management2.18 MBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter8_Resilience.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 8 Resilience796.6 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter9_Risks_to_the_Regions_values.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 9 Risks to the Region's Values3.95 MBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Chapter10_Long_term_outlook.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Chapter 10 Long-term Outlook4.12 MBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
GBR_Outlook_2014_Appendices.docxGBR Outlook Report 2014: Appendices99.09 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open

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