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RIMReP-Inshore-GBR-Reefs-Milestone-Rep- 2-Sept2018.pdf.jpg2019Assessing the ecological effects of management zoning on inshore reefs of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: Reef 2050 Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program milestone report 2Williamson, D.H.; Ceccarelli, D.M.; Jones, G.P.; Russ, G.R.; James Cook University
Impact-of-dredging-on-volute-Cymbiolacca-pullchra.pdf.jpg1992Impact of dredging on the volute Cymbiolacca pulchra and its environment at Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaCatterall, C.P.; Poiner, I. R.; Kerr, J.
RIMReP-Identifying-Management-Needs.pdf.jpg2019Identifying Management Needs: Informing the Program Design of the Reef 2050 Integrated Monitoring and Reporting ProgramUdy, J.
HULSMAN-SURVEY-OF-SEABIRD-COLONIES-CAPRICORNIA-SECTION-GBRMP-1981-VOL-1.pdf.jpg1981Survey of seabird colonies in the Capricornia section of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: Volume 1Hulsman, K.; Griffith University
Letter-GBRMPA-to-DAF-submission-MRAG-Fisheries-Management-Review.pdf.jpg2015Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority submission on MRAG Asia-Pacific Fisheries Review – “Taking Stock: modernising fisheries management in Queensland” ReportGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
EMC_Poster_2016.pdf.jpg2012Your trip today is helping to protect the Great Barrier Reef (Environmental Management Charge Poster)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
GBR wetlands report final_040305.pdf.jpg2005Freshwater Wetlands and Fish: Importance of Freshwater Wetlands to Marine Fisheries Resources in the Great Barrier ReefVeitch, V.; Sawynok, B.; Sunfish Queensland Inc.
BOCK_1982_GEOMECHANICAL__CORAL_REEF_STRUCTURE.pdf.jpg1982Geomechanical investigation of coral reef structureBock, Dr. H.; Department of Civil and Systems Engineering, James Cook University
Great-Barrier-Reef-Intergovernmental-Agreement-2015.pdf.jpg2015Great Barrier Reef intergovernmental agreement 2015Commonwealth of Australia and The State of Queensland
whitsundays-plan-of-management-2008.pdf.jpg2008; 2008Whitsundays plan of management 2008 (SUPERSEDED)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
KAY-LIDDLE-1984-IMPACT-OF-WALKING-AT-HARDY-REEF.pdf.jpg1986The Impact of Reef Walking at Hardy ReefKay, A.M.; Liddle, M.J.; Griffith University
gbrmpa-Sponsorship-Program-Guidelines201112.pdf.jpg2011; 2011Reef Rescue Land and Sea Country Indigenous Partnerships Sponsorship Program 2011-2012 Guidelines for ApplicantsGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
GBRMPA-TUMRA-development-funding-guidelines.pdf.jpg2010; 2010Reef Rescue Indigenous Land and Sea Country Partnerships Program TUMRA Development Funding GuidelinesGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
KETTLE_1987_POST_SURVEY_JOHN_BREWER_REEF_COTS.pdf.jpg1987Postsurvey of John Brewer Reef (29 January 1987): an exercise to determine crown-of-thorns starfish distribution prior to a joint GBRMPA / RAN erradication programKettle, B.; Marine Bio Logic
Fishing_Offences_2018_Cardwell.pdf.jpg2018Fish in a green zone and you will get caught...Recreational fishing offences 2013-2018 CardwellGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; Queensland Government
Thompson_etal_2016_MMP_AIMS_Inshore_Coral_Monitoring_REPPORT_2014-2015_WEB.pdf.jpg2016Marine Monitoring Program: Annual report for inshore coral reef monitoring 2014-2015Thompson, A.; Costello, P.; Davidson, J.; Logan, M.; Coleman, G.; Gunn, K.; Schaffelke, B.
MMP-QAQC-2014-2015.pdf.jpg2015Marine monitoring program quality assurance and quality control manual 2014/15Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Whitsundays-plan-of-management.pdf.jpg1998; 1998Whitsundays plan of management (SUPERSEDED)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
GBRMPA-Recreation-Management-Strategy-2012.pdf.jpg2012Recreation management strategy for the Great Barrier Reef Marine ParkGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
GBRMPA-submission-on-the-green-paper-on-fisheries-management-reform-in-Queensland-July-2016.pdf.jpg2016Submission on the Green Paper on Fisheries Management Reform in Queensland July 2016Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Results 61-80 of 1765 (Search time: 0.016 seconds).