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Crown-of-thorns starfsh Strategic Management Framework

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Title: Crown-of-thorns starfsh Strategic Management Framework
Authors: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Abstract: [Extract] This Crown-of-thorns starfish Strategic Management Framework has been developed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in partnership with the Queensland Government, scientists, and the tourism industry. It builds on several decades of crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS) research and outbreak management, and supports an informed, collaborative and adaptive approach to enhance the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef. Although this Strategic Management Framework is focused on the Marine Park, the general management principles can be applied in other coral reef areas where COTS outbreaks occur, both nationally (e.g. the Torres Strait) and internationally.
ISBN: 978-0-6480964-1-2
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