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Habitat-cross-shelf-and-regional-patterns-corals-northern-GBR.jpg1998Habitat, cross shelf and regional patterns in the distributions and abundances of some coral reef organisms on the northern Great Barrier Reef, with comment on the implications for future monitoringMapstone, B.D.; Ayling, A.M.; Choat, J.H.
Scales-and-magnitudes-of-variation-in-population-densities-of-some-coral-reef-organisms-implications-for-the-design-of-sampling-and-monitoring-procedures.pdf.jpg1998Scales and magnitudes of variation in population densities of some coral reef organisms : implications for the design of sampling and monitoring proceduresMapstone, B.D.; Ayling, A.M.; Choat, J.H.
A-visual-survey-of-demersal-biota-in-the-Cairns-section-of-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park.pdf.jpg1999A visual survey of demersal biota in the Cairns section of the Great Barrier Reef Marine ParkMapstone, B.D.; Ayling, A.M.; Choat, J.H.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Shoalwater-Bay-fringing-reef-resource-assessment.pdf.jpg1998Shoalwater Bay fringing reef resource assessmentAyling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.; Berkelmans, R.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
1984_Ayling_etal_Survey_size_method_coral_trout_.pdf.jpg1984Determination of most accurate survey size and method for visual counting of coral trout (Plectropomus spp.)Ayling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.
1998_Sea_Research_Bramble_Reef_survey.pdf.jpg1998Bramble Reef replenishment area: third post-opening surveyAyling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.; Sea Research
1994_Sea_Research_Cairns_Section_effects_of_fishing.pdf.jpg1994Effects of fishing: effects of fishing resumption on a group of previously protected reefs in the Cairns SectionAyling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.; Sea Research
1992_Sea_Research_Cairns_Section_effects_of_fishing.pdf.jpg1992Effects of fishing pilot study: visual surveys on Cairns section closed reefs that will be opened under the new zoning planAyling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.; Sea Research
2002_Ayling_Sea_Research_Long_term_monitoring_program_Keswick_Island.pdf.jpg2002Long term monitoring program for marine benthos in the vicinity of Keswick Island Development (Whitsunday Island group): baseline surveyAyling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.; Sea Research
1992Crown-of-thorns and coral trout density on three central section reefs : 1983-1989Ayling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.