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Norman Reef environmental monitoring project 1989

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Title: Norman Reef environmental monitoring project 1989
Authors: Ayling, A.M.
Ayling, A.L.
Keywords: Environmental monitoring;Recreation facilities;Norman Reef (Qld.);Offshore structures
ASFA Subjects: Disturbance (ecosystem)
Environmental monitoring
Coral reefs
Benthic communities
APAIS Subject: Environmental impact
Category: Animals
Issue Date: 1992
Publisher: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Series/Report no.: Research publication series no. 19
Research publication
Abstract: The establishment of a tourist destination pontoon serviced by 300 seat international catamarans on Norman Reef to the NE of Cairns prompted the GBRMPA to require an on-going biological monitoring program to be implemented. The aims of the program were to attempt to establish the effect such intensive tourist operations were having on the reef community; specifically on the percentage cover of encrusting organisms, the height of coral colonies and the density of selected fish species. Surveys of corals, other encrusting organisms and fishes were made at 4 sites on Nonnan Reef between March 1987 and June 1988. Sites were: adjacent to the Great Adventures pontoon; in the area of Great Adventures semi-submersible operation; adjacent to the Deep Sea Divers Den main mooring; and at an undisturbed control area. A total of 35 permanent 20m line transects were used to measure the cover of corals and other encrusting organisms. Measures of coral height were also made at each site. Fishes were counted along 5 haphazard 50 x 20m transects at each site.
ISBN: 9780642120236
Type of document: Report
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