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Seasonal-distribution-of-the-dugong-GBRMP.pdf.jpg2001Seasonal distribution of the dugong in the southern Great Barrier Reef Marine ParkMarsh, H.; Penrose, H.; School of Tropical Environmental Studies and Geography, James Cook University
The-Outstanding-universal-value-GBRWHA.pdf.jpg1997The outstanding universal value of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage AreaLucas, P.H.C.; Webb, T.; Valentine, P.S.; Marsh, H.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; Environment Australia
Dugong-Distribution-And-Abundance-In-The-Northern-GBRMP-2002.pdf.jpg2002Dugong distribution and abundance in the northern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - November 2000Marsh, H.; Lawler, I.R.
Procedures-for-the-salvage-and-necropsy-of-the-dugong-dugong-dugon.pdf.jpg2000Procedures for the salvage and necropsy of the dugong (dugong dugon)Marsh, H.; Bonde, R.; Beck, C.; O'Shea, T.; Recchia, C.; Dobbs, K.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Shark-control-records-hindcast-serious-decline-in-dugong-numbers-off-the-urban-coast-of-Queensland--Dugong-distribution-and-abundance-in-the-southern-Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park-and-Hervey-Bay-results-of-an-aerial-survey-in-October-December-1999.pdf.jpg2001Shark control records hindcast serious decline in dugong numbers off the urban coast of Queensland and Dugong distribution and abundance in the southern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Hervey Bay: results of an aerial survey in October-December 1999Marsh, H.; De'ath, G.; Gribble, N.; Lane, B.; Lawler, I.R.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Birtles_etal_2005_Towards_sustainable_mgt_report_to_DEH.pdf.jpg2005Towards sustainable management of dugong and turtle tourismBirtles, A.; Curnock, M.; Dobbs, K.; Smyth, D.; Arnold, P.; Marsh, H.; Valentine, P.; Limpus, C.; Hyams, W.; Dunstan, A.; Charles, D.; Gatley, C.; Mangott, A.; Miller, D.; Hodgson, A.; Emerick, S.; Kendrick, A.
RIMReP StrandNet report - FINAL v2.pdf.jpg2020Review and suggestions for upgrading StrandNet as a key element of the Reef 2050 Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program: final report of the StrandNet team in the megafauna expert groupMarsh, H.; Limpus, C.; Meager, J.; Moisel, A.; Read, M.; Salmon, S.; Sobtzick, S.; James Cook University; Department of Environment and Science (Qld); Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; TropWATER (James Cook University)
ResearchPublication No 112_MinkeWhaleTourismMonitorProgram.pdf.jpg2014Dwarf minke whale tourism monitoring program (2003--2008)Birtles, A.; Valentine, P.; Curnock, M.; Mangott, A.; Sobtzick, S.; Marsh, H.
DredgeSynthesisReport_Mar15Update.pdf.jpg2015Synthesis of current knowledge of the biophysical impacts of dredging and disposal on the Great Barrier Reef: report of an independent panel of expertsMcCook, L.; Schaffelke, B.; Apte, S.; Brinkman, R.; Brodie, J.; Erftemeijer, P.; Eyre, B.; Hoogerwerf, F.; Irvine, I.; Jones, R.; King, B.; Marsh, H.; Masini, R.; Morton, R.; Pitcher, R.; Rasheed, M.; Sheaves, M.; Symonds, A.; Warne, M.S.
The-status-of-the-dugong-in-the-southern-Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park.pdf.jpg1996The status of the dugong in the southern Great Barrier Reef Marine ParkMarsh, H.; Corkerton, P.; Lawler, I.R.; Preen, A.; Lanyon, J.