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GBRMPA-Superyacht-Brochure.pdf.jpg2020Superyacht guide to the Whitsundays: prepared by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (2nd ed)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Checklist-of-application-information-underwater-art.pdf.jpg2020Checklist: underwater artworkGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Metocean-Data-Report-2019-2020.pdf.jpg2020Douglas Shoal Remediation Project: metocean data report (June 2019 to June 2020)Advisian Pty Ltd
v0-Digital-geographic-data-provision-by-external-parties-Guideline.pdf.jpg2020Digital Geographic Data: provision by external parties (Document No: 100507)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Activity-sheets-booklet.pdf.jpg2020Reef Beat education series: junior outlookGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
v3-Conflict-of-Interest-Policy-for-eLibrary.pdf.jpg2021Conflict of interest (Document no.100254)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
RIMReP Coastal Dolphins Report - FINAL V2.pdf.jpg2020Monitoring coastal dolphins within the Reef 2050 Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program: final report of the dolphins team in the megafauna expert groupBrooks, L.; Cagnazzi, D.; Beasley, I.; Rankin, R.; StatPlan Consulting Pty Ltd; Marine Ecology Research Centre, Southern Cross University; College of Science and Engineering, James Cook University; Department of Biology, Georgetown University; National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Centre, University of Maryland
MMP-Ann-Report-Water-Quality-2018-19.pdf.jpg2020Marine Monitoring Program: Annual report for inshore water quality monitoring 2018-19Gruber, R.; Waterhouse, J.; Logan, M.; Petus, C.; Howley, C.; Lewis, S.; Tracey, D.; Langlois, L.; Tonin, H.; Skuza, M.; Costello, P.; Davidson, J.; Gunn, K.; Lefevre, C.; Moran, D.; Robson, B.; Shanahan, M.; Zagorskis, I.; Shellberg, J.; Neilen, A.; Australian Institute of Marine Science; James Cook University (TropWATER)
v6-Woppaburra-Traditional-Owner-Heritage-Assessment-Guidelines.pdf.jpg2021Woppaburra Traditional Owner heritage assessment (Document No. 100428)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
v1-Work-Health-and-Safety-policy.pdf.jpg2020Work Health and Safety Policy (Document no.100165)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority