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COUMBIS_1988_RELATIONSHIP_ACANTHASTER.pdf.jpg1988Remote sensing component of the relationship between Acanthaster outbreaks and water mass characteristics in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park interim reportCoumbis, E.E.
History-of-dredging-in-Cleveland-Bay.pdf.jpg1989The history of dredging in Cleveland Bay, Queensland and its effect on sediment movement and on the growth of mangroves, corals and seagrassPringle, A.W.
GBRMPA_AIMS_1986_87_CROWN_OF-_THORNS_STARFISH.pdf.jpg1987The crown of thorns starfish research program 1986/87: a summary of projects currently underway for the members of the Crown of thorns Starfish Advisory Review CommitteeGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; Australian Institute of Marine Science
BULL-G-1983-ANALYSIS-VISUALLY-DOMINANT-ORGANISM-DATA.pdf.jpg1983Analysis of visually dominant organism data from manta tow coral surveys: A report to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBull, G.; School of Biological Sciences, James Cook University
COPEMAN_1987_88_GBRMPA_RESEARCH_REPORT_COTSAC_PROJECT.pdf.jpg1988Research report for COTSAC funded project (April 1987 - April 1988): studies on the diseases of the Crown of thorns starfish Acanthaster planciCopeman, Assoc.Prof. D.B.; Glazebrook, Dr. J.S.; Licastro, K.A.
GBR-RESOURCE-INVENTORY-TOWNSVILLE-SECTION.pdf.jpg1983Great Barrier Reef Resource Inventory: Townsville section (18'00 to 20'00)Outridge, P.; Gall, J.; Tarte, D.; Shanco, P.; Australian Littoral Society
COSSER_1988_NUTRIENT_LOADING_TO_THE_GBR.pdf.jpg1988Nutrient loading to the Great Barrier Reef region: IAWPRC Conference on water quality and management for recreation and tourismCosser, P.R.; Queensland Department of Environment, Conservation and Tourism
1981_11Nov_Issue_3.pdf.jpg1981Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Bulletin: Issue 3 - November 1981Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
1982_08Aug_Issue_4.pdf.jpg1982Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Bulletin: Issue 4 - August 1982Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park-Southern-Sections-Capricorn-&-Capricornia-Sections-information-summary.pdf.jpg1986Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Southern Sections (Capricorn & Capricornia Sections) : information summaryGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority