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Designated-Shipping-Area.pdf.jpg2004Designated Shipping Areas within the Great Barrier Reef Marine ParkSpatial Data Centre 
SDC190511n-FranklandIslandsSector.pdf.jpg2019Frankland Islands SectorSpatial Data Centre 
SDC190101-15a-incl-copyright.pdf.jpg2019Great Barrier Reef catchment areas and general reference mapSpatial Data Centre 
SDC190511i-GreenIslandReefLocation.pdf.jpg2019Green Island Reef Location (Offshore Cairns Sector)Spatial Data Centre 
SDC190511p-HastingsReefLocalities.pdf.jpg2019Hastings Reef (Offshore Cairns Sector)Spatial Data Centre 
SDC190511j-HopeIslandsReefsLocations.pdf.jpg2019Hope Islands Reefs (Offshore Port Douglas Sector)Spatial Data Centre 
SDC190511f-LizardIslandLocations.pdf.jpg2019LIzard Island Localities (Lizard Island Sector)Spatial Data Centre 
130921a-BowenCatalina-A24-24SMA-MediaMap.pdf.jpg2016Location of Maritime Cultural Heritage Protection Special Management Area in the Bowen regionSpatial Data Centre 
140501a-FranklandsCatalina-A24-25SMA-MediaMap.pdf.jpg2016Location of Maritime Cultural Heritage Protection Special Management Area in the Frankland Islands regionSpatial Data Centre 
SDC190511g-LowIslandLocality.pdf.jpg2019Low Island Locality (Offshore Port Douglas Sector)Spatial Data Centre 
SDC190511a-Map1CairnsAreaPlanOfManagement-Overview.pdf.jpg2019Map 1: Cairns Area Plan of Management: OverviewSpatial Data Centre 
SDC190511b-Map2ACairnsAreaPlanOfManagement-DetailedSectors.pdf.jpg2019Map 2A: Cairns Area Plan of Management: Northern Detailed SectorSpatial Data Centre 
SDC190511c-Map2BCairnsAreaPlanOfManagement-DetailedSectors.pdf.jpg2019Map 2B: Cairns Area Plan of Management: Central Detailed SectorSpatial Data Centre 
SDC190511d-Map2CCairnsAreaPlanOfManagement-DetailedSectors.pdf.jpg2019Map 2C: Cairns Area Plan of Management: Southern Detailed SectorSpatial Data Centre 
SDC190511h-MichaelmasCayLocality.pdf.jpg2019Michaelmas Cay Locality (Offshore Cairns Sector)Spatial Data Centre 
SDC190511q-MooreReefLocalities.pdf.jpg2019Moore Reef (South Offshore Sector)Spatial Data Centre 
SDC190401-RemoteNaturalArea.pdf.jpg2019Remote Natural AreaSpatial Data Centre 
SDC190511l-SnapperIslandReefLocation.pdf.jpg2019Snapper Island Reef Location (Offshore Port Douglas Sector)Spatial Data Centre 
SDC190511k-SudburyCayLocality.pdf.jpg2019Sudbury Cay Locality (South Offshore Cairns Sector)Spatial Data Centre 
SDC190511r-ThetfordReefLocalities.pdf.jpg2019Thetford Reef (South Offshore Cairns Sector)Spatial Data Centre