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Seagrass-and-marine-resources-in-the-Dugong-protection-areas-of-Upstart-Bay-Newry-Region-Sand-Bay-Llewellyn-Bay-Ince-Bay-and-the-Clairview-Region-AprilMay-1999-and-October-1999.pdf.jpg2002Seagrass and marine resources in the Dugong protection areas of Upstart Bay, Newry Region, Sand Bay, Llewellyn Bay, Ince Bay and the Clairview Region, April/May 1999 and October 1999Coles, R.G.; Lee Long, W.J.; McKenzie, L.J.; Roder, C.A.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Climate-change-and-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-a-vulnerability-assessment.pdf.jpg2007Climate change and the Great Barrier Reef: a vulnerability assessmentJohnson, J.E.; Marshall, P.A.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBook
Chapter-15-Vulnerability-of-marine-reptiles-in-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-to-climate-change.pdf.jpg2007Chapter 15: Vulnerability of marine reptiles in the Great Barrier Reef to climate changeHamann, M.; Limpus, C.J.; Read, M.A.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBook section or chapter
Case-study-impact-drupella-reef-building-corals-GBR.pdf.jpg2009Case study : impact of Drupella spp. on reef-building corals of the Great Barrier ReefCumming, R.L; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Habitat-cross-shelf-and-regional-patterns-corals-northern-GBR.jpg1998Habitat, cross shelf and regional patterns in the distributions and abundances of some coral reef organisms on the northern Great Barrier Reef, with comment on the implications for future monitoringMapstone, B.D.; Ayling, A.M.; Choat, J.H.Report
Standard-operational-procedure-video-monitoring-of-sessile-benthic-communities-a-report-to-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park-Authority.pdf.jpg1996Standard operational procedure : video-monitoring of sessile benthic communities : a report to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityWachenfeld, D.R.Report
Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park-reef-manual.pdf.jpg2003Great Barrier Reef Marine Park reef manual : understanding essentials communicationsGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Chapter-12-Vulnerability-of-fishes-of-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-to-climate-change.pdf.jpg2007Chapter 12: Vulnerability of fishes of the Great Barrier Reef to climate changeMunday, P.L.; Jones, G.P.; Sheaves, M.; Williams, A.J.; Goby, G.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBook section or chapter
Investigation-of-optimum-methods-and-unit-sizes-for-the-visual-estimation-of-abundances-of-some-coral-reef-organisms.pdf.jpg1998An investigation of optimum methods and unit sizes for the visual estimation of abundances of some coral reef organismsMapstone, B.D.; Ayling, A.M.Report
Coral-bleaching-on-the-Great-Barrier-Reef.pdf.jpg2009Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityMultimedia
Chapter-10-Vulnerability-of-reef-building-corals-on-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-to-climate-change.pdf.jpg2007Chapter 10: Vulnerability of reef-building corals on the Great Barrier Reef to climate changeHoegh-Guldberg, O.; Anthony, K.; Berkelmans, R.; Dove, S.; Fabricius, K.E.; Lough, J.M.; Marshall, P.A.; van Oppen, M.J.H.; Negri, A.; Willis, B.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBook section or chapter
Ocean-acidification-implications-for-coral-reefs.pdf.jpg2008Ocean acidification: implications for coral reefsGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBrochure
Biological-basis-managing-dugongs-GBRMP.pdf.jpg1992Biological basis for managing dugongs and other large vertebrates in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park 1989Marsh, H.Report
Torres-Strait-baseline-study-pilot-study-final-report-June-1993-trace-metal-concentrations-in-sediments-and-selected-marine-biota-as-indicator-organisms-and-food-items-in-the-diet-of-Torres-Strait-Islanders-and-coastal-Papuans.pdf.jpg1993Torres Strait baseline study : pilot study final report June 1993 : trace metal concentrations in sediments and selected marine biota as indicator organisms and food items in the diet of Torres Strait Islanders and coastal PapuansDight, I.J.; Gladstone, W.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Norman-Reef-environmental-monitoring-project.pdf.jpg1992Norman Reef environmental monitoring project 1989Ayling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.Report
Reef-HQ-climate-change-Display.pdf.jpg2008Reef HQ climate changeGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority-
Biophysical-assessment-of-reefs-in-Keppel-Bay-a-baseline-study-April-2007.pdf.jpg2007Biophysical assessment of reefs in Keppel Bay: a baseline study (April 2007)Maynard, J.A.; Davidson, J.; Harman, S.R.; Marshall, P.A.; Collier, C.; Johnson, J.E.Report
The-status-of-the-dugong-in-the-southern-Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park.pdf.jpg1996The status of the dugong in the southern Great Barrier Reef Marine ParkMarsh, H.; Corkerton, P.; Lawler, I.R.; Preen, A.; Lanyon, J.Report
COTS-coral-trout-density-central-section-1983-1989.pdf.jpg1992Crown-of-thorns and coral trout density on three central section reefs : 1983-1989Ayling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.Report
1987The crown of thorns storyMarlo Film and Video ProductionsMultimedia
Results 1-20 of 85 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).