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Outstanding-universal-value-GBRWHA.pdf.jpg1997The outstanding universal value of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage AreaLucas, P.H.C.; Webb, T.; Valentine, P.S.; Marsh, H.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; Environment AustraliaReport
Biological-basis-managing-dugongs-GBRMP.pdf.jpg1992Biological basis for managing dugongs and other large vertebrates in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park 1989Marsh, H.Report
The-status-of-the-dugong-in-the-southern-Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park.pdf.jpg1996The status of the dugong in the southern Great Barrier Reef Marine ParkMarsh, H.; Corkerton, P.; Lawler, I.R.; Preen, A.; Lanyon, J.Report
Shark-control-records-hindcast-serious-decline-in-dugong-numbers-off-the-urban-coast-of-Queensland--Dugong-distribution-and-abundance-in-the-southern-Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park-and-Hervey-Bay-results-of-an-aerial-survey-in-October-December-1999.pdf.jpg2001Shark control records hindcast serious decline in dugong numbers off the urban coast of Queensland / | Dugong distribution and abundance in the southern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Hervey Bay : results of an aerial survey in October-December 1999Marsh, H.; De'ath, G.; Gribble, N.; Lane, B.; Lawler, I.R.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Procedures-for-the-salvage-and-necropsy-of-the-dugong-dugong-dugon.pdf.jpg2000Procedures for the salvage and necropsy of the dugong (dugong dugon)Marsh, H.; Bonde, R.; Beck, C.; O'Shea, T.; Recchia, C.; Dobbs, K.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Procedures-for-the-salvage-and-necropsy-of-the-Dugong-Dugong-Dugon.pdf.jpg2007Procedures for the salvage and necropsy of the Dugong (Dugong Dugon)-second edition 2007Eros, C.; Marsh, H.; Bonde, R.; O'Shea, T.; Beck, C.; Recchia, C.; Dobbs, K.; Turner, M.; Lemm, S.; Pears, R.J.; Bowater, R.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Dugong-Distribution-And-Abundance-In-The-Northern-GBRMP-2002.pdf.jpg2002Dugong distribution and abundance in the northern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - November 2000Marsh, H.; Lawler, I.R.Report
Birtles_etal_2005_Towards_sustainable_mgt_report_to_DEH.pdf.jpg2005Towards sustainable management of dugong and turtle tourismBirtles, A.; Curnock, M.; Dobbs, K.; Smyth, D.; Arnold, P.; Marsh, H.; Valentine, P.; Limpus, C.; Hyams, W.; Dunstan, A.; Charles, D.; Gatley, C.; Mangott, A.; Miller, D.; Hodgson, A.; Emerick, S.; Kendrick, A.Report
ResearchPublication No 112_MinkeWhaleTourismMonitorProgram.pdf.jpg2014Dwarf minke whale tourism monitoring program (2003--2008)Birtles, A.; Valentine, P.; Curnock, M.; Mangott, A.; Sobtzick, S.; Marsh, H.Report
DredgeSynthesisReport_Mar15Update.pdf.jpg2015Synthesis of current knowledge of the biophysical impacts of dredging and disposal on the Great Barrier Reef: report of an independent panel of expertsMcCook, L.; Schaffelke, B.; Apte, S.; Brinkman, R.; Brodie, J.; Erftemeijer, P.; Eyre, B.; Hoogerwerf, F.; Irvine, I.; Jones, R.; King, B.; Marsh, H.; Masini, R.; Morton, R.; Pitcher, R.; Rasheed, M.; Sheaves, M.; Symonds, A.; Warne, M.S.Report