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Title: Biological basis for managing dugongs and other large vertebrates in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park 1989
Authors: Marsh, H.
Year of publication: 1992
Year: 1992
Publisher: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Place of publication: Townsville
Type of document: Report
Series/Report no.: Research publication series no. 21
Research publication
Abstract: This report outlines the results of a research program conducted between 1984 and 1988. The program aimed to investigate the biology of dugongs and other large vertebrates within the GBR region, as a basis for the development of effective management strategies. The report consists of five parts of which this is the first. This part is a synthesis of the results of the project in the context of our knowledge of dugong biology. It evaluates the current status of the dugong in the GBRMP, and makes recommendations for future research. monitoring, and management.
ISBN: 9780642174253
Connection to GBRMPA: GBRMPA published this item
Subjects: Sea turtles
Marine turtles
Density (population)
Aerial surveys
Mammals (marine)
Environmental management
Marine life
Reef Ecosystems and Species
Managing Multiple Use
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