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WEAVER_1987_PRECONTROL_SURVEY_CROWN_OF_THORNS_STARFISH.pdf.jpg1987Precontrol survey for crown of thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci) Holbourne IslandWeaver, K.Report
Preliminary-evaluation-of-an-acoustic-technique-for-mapping-tropical-seagrass-habitats.pdf.jpg1998Preliminary evaluation of an acoustic technique for mapping tropical seagrass habitatsLee Long, W.J.; Roder, C.A.; McKenzie, L.J.; Hundley, A.J.Report
MMP JCU WQ_metric_2014-15_methods_writeup_FINAL v150717.pdf.jpg2017Preliminary investigation of alternative approaches for the Reef Plan Report Card Water Quality Metric reportTracey, D.; Waterhouse, J.; da Silva, E.; TropWaterReport
FERREIRA_1991_AGE_GROWTH_CORAL_TROUT.pdf.jpg1991Preliminary results of the project: Age and growth of the coral trout Plectropomus leopardus (the juvenile phase)Ferreira, B.P.; James Cook UniversityReport
Preliminary-study-of-potential-impacts-on-GBRWHA-from-coastal-urban-developmentpdf.jpg1998Preliminary study of potential impacts on the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area from coastal urban development : a scoping study to identify projects suitable for future funding proposalsGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
KETTLE_1987_PRE_SURVEY_JOHN_BREWER_REEF_COTS.pdf.jpg1987Presurvey of John Brewer Reef (20-21 January 1987): an exercise to determine crown-of-thorns starfish distribution prior to a joint GBRMPA / RAN erradication programKettle, B.; Marine Bio LogicReport
2012Preventing coral grief: a comparison of Australian and French Coral reef protection strategies in a changing climateCaillaud, A.; Damiens, F.; Salvat, B.; Wilkinson, C.Staff Paper; Article
v2-Privacy-complaint-procedure.pdf.jpg2015Privacy Complaints Procedure (Document no.100351)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityProcedure
v3-Privacy-Policy.pdf.jpg2015Privacy Policy (Document no.100350)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityPolicy
Procedures-for-the-salvage-and-necropsy-of-the-dugong-dugong-dugon.pdf.jpg2000Procedures for the salvage and necropsy of the dugong (dugong dugon)Marsh, H.; Bonde, R.; Beck, C.; O'Shea, T.; Recchia, C.; Dobbs, K.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Procedures-for-the-salvage-and-necropsy-of-the-Dugong-Dugong-Dugon.pdf.jpg2007Procedures for the salvage and necropsy of the Dugong (Dugong Dugon)-second edition 2007Eros, C.; Marsh, H.; Bonde, R.; O'Shea, T.; Beck, C.; Recchia, C.; Dobbs, K.; Turner, M.; Lemm, S.; Pears, R.J.; Bowater, R.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Proceedings-ITEMS-1998.pdf.jpg1999Proceedings : International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium (ITEMS), November 1998Dight, I.J.; Kenchington, R.A.; Baldwin, J.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBook
Professor-Ove-Hoegh-Guldbergs-smart-state-Premiers-fellowship-2009-2014.pdf.jpg2010Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg's Smart State Premier's Fellowship 2009-2014Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBrochure
Profiles-recreational-use-GBRMP.pdf.jpg2010Profiles of recreational use of the Great Barrier Reef Marine ParkLawrence, K.; van Putten, I.; Fernbach, M.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Byrnes_1988_Project_Reef_Ed_GBRMPA.pdf.jpg1988Project reef-ed: Great Barrier Reef educational activities / project team Ann Byrnes etalByrnes, Ann; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Commonwealth Government; Queensland National Parks and Wildlife ServiceBook
POLLARD_1992_PROPOSAL_ASSESSMENT_MARINE_FISHERIES_ENHANCEMENT_RESERVES.pdf.jpg1992Proposal for creation and assessment of marine fisheries enhancement reserves: a report to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityPollard, D.A.; Fish Ecology and Conservation, NSW FisheriesReport
2018Protect your patchGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityMultimedia
GBRMPA_1999_Protecting_biodiversity_RAP.pdf.jpg1999Protecting biodiversity: an overview of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Representative Areas ProgramGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
2002Protecting biodiversity: Representative Areas in the Great Barrier Reef Marine ParkGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBrochure
SA_InBrief_finalv5.pdf.jpg2014Protecting the future of the Great Barrier Reef: Great Barrier Reef region strategic assessmentGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBrochure