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Eye-on-the-Reef-Weekly-monitoring-training-manual-A-complete-guide-to-monitoring-your-site.pdf.jpg2011Eye on the Reef weekly monitoring training manual: a complete guide to monitoring your siteGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
selection-criteria-for-special-tourism-permissions-2004-1.pdf.jpg2004Selection criteria for ranking expressions of interest in allocating new or spare 'special tourism permissions’Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Norman-Reef-environmental-monitoring-project.pdf.jpg1992Norman Reef environmental monitoring project 1989Ayling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.Report
Green-Island-economic-study.pdf.jpg1983Green Island economic studyGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; Economic Associates AustraliaReport
John-Brewer-Reef-floating-hotel-1989.PDF.jpg1995The John Brewer Reef floating hotel : a case-study in marine environmental monitoring : proceedings of a GBRMPA workshop reviewing the environmental monitoring program, held in Townsville, Australia in December 1989Harriott, V.J.; Saenger, P.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Zoning-plan-for-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-regulatory-impact-statement.pdf.jpg2003Zoning plan for the Great Barrier Reef : regulatory impact statementGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Assessment-of-tourism-activity-in-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park.pdf.jpg2002Assessment of tourism activity in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park RegionBailey, G.; Riley, D.; Heaney, L.; Lubulwa, M.; Barry, T.; Salma, U.; Bureau of Tourism ResearchReport
Norman-Reef-Great-Adventures-Pontoon-1997-biological-survey-and-summary-of-damage-from-Cyclone-Justin.pdf.jpg1998Norman Reef Great Adventures Pontoon : 1997 biological survey and summary of damage from Cyclone JustinAyling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.Report
Acclimatise-your-business-climate-change-workshops-for-marine-tourism-operators.pdf.jpg2011Acclimatise your business: climate change workshops for marine tourism operatorsGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Latency-of-tourism-permits-in-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-Marine-Park-audit-for-the-year-2000.pdf.jpg2001Latency of tourism permits in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park audit for the year 2000Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport