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Marine-parks-of-Cape-York-proposed-zoning-and-management.pdf.jpg1997Marine parks of Cape York : proposed zoning and management for the far northern section of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and zoning for the proposed Cape York Marine ParkGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Seagrass-communities-in-the-Shoalwater-Bay-region-Queensland-.pdf.jpg1997Seagrass communities in the Shoalwater Bay region, Queensland: Spring (September) 1995 and Autumn (April) 1996Lee Long, W.J.; McKenzie, L.J.; Coles, R.G.Report
SUPERSEDED-Cairns-area-POM-1997.pdf.jpg1997Cairns area plan of management (SUPERSEDED)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
SUPERSEDED-Cairns-area-POM-tourism-industry-information.pdf.jpg1997Cairns area plan of management: tourism industry information (SUPERSEDED)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Guidelines-managing-visitation-seabird-islands.pdf.jpg1997Guidelines for managing visitation to seabird breeding islands 1997Claridge, G.; WBM Oceanics Australia; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Development-trap-and-drop-line-sampling-techniques.pdf.jpg1997Development of trap and drop-line sampling techniques for reef fishes : a report to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityWilliams, D.M.; Fowler, A.J.; Newman, S.J.Report
State-of-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-World-Heritage-Area-Workshop-proceedings-of-a-technical-workshop-held-in-Townsville-Queensland-Australia-27-29-November-1995.PDF.jpg1997State of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area Workshop : proceedings of a technical workshop held in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, 27-29 November 1995Wachenfeld, D.R.; Oliver, J.; Davis, K.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Heavy-metals-in-commercial-prawn-and-crayfish-in-the-Torres-Strait.pdf.jpg1997Heavy metals in commercial prawn and crayfish in the Torres Strait (Report series 5b)Evans-Illidge, Elizabeth; Community Information Unit, Dept. of the Environment, Sport and TerritoriesReport
SUPERSEDED-Cairns-area-POM-information-summary-1997.pdf.jpg1997Cairns area plan of management: information summary (SUPERSEDED)Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
SP1997073.pdf.jpg1997Managing recreation and tourism in the WhitsundaysBarnett, B.; Thomas, C.Conference Abstract; Staff Paper