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Water-quality-of-the-Great-Barrier-Reef-distributions-effects-on-reef-biota-and-trigger-values-for-the-protection-of-ecosystem-health.pdf.jpg2008Water quality of the Great Barrier Reef : distributions, effects on reef biota and trigger values for the protection of ecosystem healthDe'ath, G.; Fabricius, K.E.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Water-quality-sediment-and-biological-parameters-at-four-nearshore-reef-flats-in-the-Herbert-River-Region-Central-Great-Barrier-Reef.pdf.jpg2003Water quality, sediment and biological parameters at four nearshore reef flats in the Herbert River Region, Central Great Barrier Reef 2003Schaffelke, B.; Uthicke, S.; Klumpp, D.W.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Workshop-on-impacts-of-flooding-1991.PDF.jpg1992Workshop on the impacts of flooding : proceedings of a workshop held in Rockhampton, Australia, 27 September 1991Byron, G.T.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Sedimentation-road-development-Cape-Tribulation-Area.pdf.jpg1993Sedimentation resulting from road development, Cape Tribulation AreaHopley, D.; van Woesik, R.; Hoyal, D.C.J.D.; Rasmussen, C.E.; Steven, A.D.L.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Pilot-study-baseline-levels-water-quality-Green-Island.pdf.jpg1992A pilot study of baseline levels of water quality around Green IslandSteven, A.D.L.; van Woesik, R.; Hopley, D.; Brodie, J.E.Report
GBR-catchment-water-quality-action-plan.pdf.jpg2001Great Barrier Reef catchment water quality action plan: a report to Ministerial Council on targets for pollutant loadsGreat Barrier Reef Ministerial Council; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
GBR-water-quality-current-issues.pdf.jpg2001Great Barrier Reef water quality : current issuesHaynes, D.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Long-term-chlorophyll-monitoring- GBR_lagoon.pdf.jpg1998Long-term chlorophyll monitoring in the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon : status report 1, 1993-1995Steven, A.D.L.; Pantus, F.; Brooks, D.; Trott, L.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Efect-Daintree-River-flood-plume-on-Snapper-Island-coral-reefs.pdf.jpg1998The effect of the Daintree River flood plume on Snapper Island coral reefsAyling, A.M.; Ayling, A.L.; Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityReport
Biological-chemical-oceanographic-measurements-Far-Northern-GBR-February-1990.pdf.jpg1996Biological and chemical oceanographic measurements in Far Northern Great Barrier Reef - February 1990Furnas, M.J.; Mitchell, A.W.; Lison, P.; Skuza, M.; Drew, E.; Wellington, J.Report