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1987The crown of thorns storyMarlo Film and Video ProductionsMultimedia
BULL-G-1983-ANALYSIS-VISUALLY-DOMINANT-ORGANISM-DATA.pdf.jpg1983Analysis of visually dominant organism data from manta tow coral surveys: A report to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityBull, G.; School of Biological Sciences, James Cook UniversityReport
KAY-LIDDLE-1985-MANUAL-ASSESSMENT-LOCATION-DESIGN-REEF-WALKING-ACTIVITIES.pdf.jpg1985Manual for the Assessment, Location and Design of Reefwalking ActivitiesKay, A.M.; Liddle, M.J.; Griffith UniversityReport
Fisheries-of-the-Great-Barrier-Reef.pdf.jpg1985Fisheries of the Great Barrier ReefHundloe, TorReport
Great-Barrier-Reef-the-Commonwealth-Government-role.pdf.jpg1980The Great Barrier Reef - the Commonwealth government roleDepartment of Science and the Environment, Australian GovernmentReport
SP1988002.pdf.jpg1988Impact assessment case study the floating hotel at John Brewer ReefBastin, J.; McGinnity, P.Conference Abstract; Staff Paper
DONE-1982-RECONNAISANCE-OF-REEF-BENTHOS.pdf.jpg1980Study for development and refinement of Coral Baseline and Monitoring Methodology: Part I: Reconnaissance of Reef Benthos as an Aid to Management, and Part II. Close range photogrammetry for Time Series Studies of Coral CommunitiesDone, T.J.; School of Biological Sciences, James Cook University of QueenslandReport
Protection of the Great Barrier Reef House of Representatives 1985.pdf.jpg1985Protection of the Great Barrier Reef: report of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and ConservationHouse of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and ConservationReport
1986 Seaplanes at Green Island by Griffith University.pdf.jpg1986Seaplanes at Green IslandBrown, A.L.; Institute of Applied Environmental Research, Griffith UniversityReport
Steven_A_1988.pdf.jpg1988An analysis of fishing activities on possible predators of the crown of thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci) on the Great Barrier ReefSteven, Andrew; James Cook UniversityReport