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dc.description.abstractIn June 2010, the Expert Ecological Advisory Workshop One (Workshop I) focused on assessing and quantifying the ecological services provided to the Great Barrier Reef by ecosystems in their natural pre-developed state. During Workshop I, it was recognised that all basins within the Great Barrier Reef catchment are modified in some way at varying degrees. As a result the need to assess the ecological functions provided by modified systems was identified. On 10 and 11 August 2011, GBRMPA and the former Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) hosted a Expert Ecological Advisory Workshop Two (Workshop II) to assess the ecological functions provided by modified ecosystems. Five basins were selected as case studies including the Herbert, Ross, Proserpine, Styx and Calliope basins. Along with assessing the ecological services provided by the modified ecosystems, an evaluation of the likely impact of climate change at a regional scale was carried out. During Workshop II it was acknowledged there was a reliance on coastal ecosystems within the Great Barrier Reef catchment (the catchment) by various social and cultural stakeholders. It was identified that there was a need to further investigate the ecosystems services provided by the Great Barrier Reef catchment coastal ecosystems. Building on the fundamental information and understandings of ecological function, it was apparent there was a need for scoping how to incorporate the socio-economic and cultural functions to evaluate the ecosystem services provided by coastal ecosystems. A select group of socio-economic scientists was invited to participate in a scoping workshop. This report summarises the information that was compiled over the duration of Workshop III.en
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