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Technical information sheet 1: Biodiversity and why it's important

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Title: Technical information sheet 1: Biodiversity and why it's important
Year of publication: 2002
Publisher: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Type of document: Brochure
Series/Report no.: Technical Information Sheet
Abstract: Biodiversity is a term used to describe the abundance of all plants and animals, together with the places they live and the natural processes that keep them alive. Our world relies on biodiversity, from the animals, plants and fungi to the micro-organisms too small for the eye to see. Biodiversity includes the genes contained in these plants and animals and the ecosystems in which they live. Without this rich biodiversity, we would cease to exist; humans rely on the breathable air, fertile soil and drinkable water that are the result of biodiversity. Biodiversity is the basis of all our food and resources and many of our economic activities. Biodiversity is not just desirable – it is essential. By protecting biodiversity, we are protecting our future and our children’s future.
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