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dc.contributor.authorDobbs, K.*
dc.description.abstractMarine turtle and dugong habitats were taken into consideration when reviewing the zoning of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park as part of the Representative Areas Program. Guiding principles were developed to assist with incorporating marine turtle internesting and foraging habitats and dugong habitats into the overall network of notake areas.en
dc.publisherGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authorityen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTechnical Report Seriesen
dc.subject.otherReef Ecosystems & Marine Speciesen
dc.titleMarine turtle and dugong habitats in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park used to implement biophysical operational principles for the Representative Areas Programen
dc.subject.asfaMarine turtlesen
dc.subject.asfaWildlife conservationen
dc.subject.asfaHabitat degradationen
dc.contributor.corpauthorGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authorityen
dc.subject.apaisMarine lifeen
dc.relation.connectiontogbrmpaGBRMPA published this itemen
dc.keywordsdugongs turtlesen
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