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Title: Aquaculture within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: Position statement 2004
Corporate author: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Year of publication: 2004
Year: 2004
Publisher: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Place of publication: Townsvilile
Type of document: Policy
Abstract: At a national and international level, interest in aquaculture is increasing and is expected to continue to increase in the future. In assessing the impact or likely impact of aquaculture, a fundamental concern of the GBRMPA must be the maintenance of natural systems. In order to address this concern the GBRMPA must, where possible, ensure that ecological risk is minimised. In relation to aquaculture, there are three activities that pose threats to the natural systems of the GBRMP. These are cage culture, restocking or reseeding, and artificial habitat development associated with aquaculture. Proponents of such activities would need to demonstrate that the operational procedures and technologies employed substantially mitigate ecological risk.
Connection to GBRMPA: GBRMPA published this item
Subjects: Aquaculture
Environmental impact
Risk management
Corporate Governance
Policies and position statements
Information Publication Scheme
Commercial fisheries
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