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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zoning Plan 2003

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Title: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zoning Plan 2003
Year of publication: 2004
Publisher: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Townsville, Qld
Type of document: Report
Series/Report no.: Zoning Plans
Abstract: The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zoning Plan 2003 is the primary planning instrument for the conservation and management of the Marine Park. This Zoning Plan aims, in conjunction with other management mechanisms, to protect and conserve to biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem within a network of highly protected zones, while providing opportunities for the ecologically sustainable use of, and access to, the Great Barrier Reef Region by current and future generations. This Zoning Plan builds on the framework established by previous zoning plans for the Far Northern, Cairns, Central, Mackay/Capricorn and Gumoo Woojabuddee Sections to provide a single, consistent zoning plan for the entire Marine Park. This Zoning Plan also provides zoning for the 28 new coastal areas which have been included in the Marine Park since the year 2000.
ISBN: 1876945389
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