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Title: Great Barrier Reef Region Strategic Assessment: Program report
Corporate author: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Year of publication: 2014
Year: 2014
Publisher: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Place of publication: Townsville
Type of document: Report
Abstract: The purpose of this report is to outline the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s 25-year management program to protect and manage the Great Barrier Reef, including relevant matters of national environmental significance. This report forms part of the comprehensive strategic assessment of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area being carried out under Part 10 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).
Connection to GBRMPA: GBRMPA published this item
Subjects: Environmental planning
Environmental assessment
Environment management
Environmental audit
Information Publication Scheme
Cultural heritage
National heritage
Natural heritage
World heritage
Economic values
Social values
Leading environmental practice
Legislative tools
Permits and assessments
Zones, plans and maps
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