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Title: Sustainable development for traditional inhabitants of the Torres Strait region : proceedings of the Torres Strait Baseline Study Conference, Kewarra Beach, Cairns, Queensland, 19-23 November 1990
Authors: Cansfield-Smith, T.
Lawrence, D.
Corporate author: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Year of publication: 1991
Year: 1991
Publisher: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Place of publication: Townsville
Type of document: Report
Series/Report no.: Workshop series no. 16
Workshop series
Abstract: In July 1989 the Prime Minister of Australia, the Rt. Hon. R.J.L. Hawke, MP,announced, as part of his statement on the environment, which was later published as Our County, Our Future, that the Australian Government would fund a four year environmental study of the Torres Strait marine environment. This study, the Torres Strait Baseline Study, was instigated in response to concerns expressed by Torres Strait Islanders, commercial fishermen and scientists, about possible effects on the marine environment of the Torres Strait from mining operations in the Fly River catchment area of Papua New Guinea.
ISBN: 9780642120281
Connection to GBRMPA: GBRMPA published this item
Subjects: Australian Aborigines
Hunting and gathering societies - Australia
Torres strait islandeers - Congresses
Resource allocation
Marine resources
Natural resources
Great Barrier Reef (Qld.)
Sustainable development
Baseline studies
Environmental impact
Marine environment
Torres Strait Islanders
Sustainable development
Cultural heritage
Traditional use
Traditional owners
People and actions
Reef Values
Managing Multiple Use
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