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dc.coverage.spatialHeron Islanden
dc.description.abstractThe first Workshop on Fish Assessment, Techniques in November 1978 (G.B.R.M.P.A.,11978) concluded that, of a ; the techniques investigated for estimating populations of commercially and recreationally important species of bottom reef fish the intensive search technique was the only feasible technique for realistic estimates of these populations. However a number of questions concerning the technique remained to be answered.en
dc.publisherGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authorityen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesWorkshop series no. 3en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesWorkshop series-
dc.subjectPlectropomus leopardus - Great Barrier Reef - Congressesen
dc.subjectCoral trout - Great Barrier Reef - Congressesen
dc.titleWorkshop on coral trout assessment techniques held at Heron Island, 21 April-4 May 1979en
dc.subject.asfaScientific researchen
dc.subject.asfaPopulation abundance (in number)en
dc.subject.asfaPopulation densityen
dc.subject.asfaSampling techniquesen
dc.subject.asfaCommercial fishingen
dc.subject.asfaRecreational fishingen
dc.contributor.corpauthorGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authorityen
dc.subject.apaisEnvironmental managementen
dc.relation.connectiontogbrmpaGBRMPA published this itemen
dc.subject.categoryReef managersen
dc.subject.themeManaging Multiple Useen
dc.subject.themeReef Ecosystems and Speciesen
dc.subject.themePeople and actionsen
dc.keywordscoral trouten
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